Dauntless Films is Patrick Beck and Jaime Venago. We are independent film makers based out of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

We have always loved films of all genres, and after discovering that we love all aspects of filmmaking we have decided to pursue the dream of bringing stories to life on the screen. Through practice and perseverance and the development of various film projects, we will hone our craft so that we can create films that we love, and that (hopefully) you enjoy.

Please check out our current films and check back for new content every couple of months, as projects develop.


Test video of Pat's new 50mm Prime lens, and future star Saren Venago: Saren: Origins
  • Facade was submitted for DVXUser ThrillFest 2010. You can check out the thread for our movie here, and you can view it in all it's High Definition glory on our dvxuser film page.
  • Production has begun on the short film 'Facade' for dvxuser's ThrillFest 2010. Movie posters have been made:

  • Patrick Beck's latest sci-fi short, developed for BetrayalFest 2010 at www.dvxuser.com is now available for viewing in the DVXUser Films section! This is our first film shot on the Canon 5d.

  • We've started filming with the Canon 5d; a still camera with amazing potential. Benefits include film-like depth-of-field (which is something we would have needed 35mm adapters on the DVX100 for), the ability to shoot 1080p 30fps, soon to be 24p with the upcoming firmware release in March, and incredible low-light capabilities.